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An Adobe survey based on interviews with 5,000 Americans who use emojis brought bad news for those who use the eggplant one (🍆) in flirting.

Along with the smiling poop (💩) and angry face (😠) emojis, this is one of the designs that most attracts the recipient, according to reports.

On the positive side of flirting, there’s not so much surprise from those who make you more attractive. They are the usual ones, with lots of little hearts:

Other findings from the study showed the size of the power of emojis in communication:

  • People who use emojis are more friendly, funny and coolsaid 73% of respondents;
  • Emoji makes communication easieraccording to 91% of the reports;
  • 32% of respondents from Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2003) already ended a relationship with an emoji.

Here are the worst and best emojis to use at work:

The survey revealed some general trends in the use of these symbols among the US population in message exchanges.

  1. 😂;
  2. 👍;
  3. ❤️;
  4. 🤣;
  5. 😥

Half of respondents use emojis with a different meaning than the symbol’s original meaning.

The emojis that generate the most confusion of meaning:

  1. 🤠 (meanings range from “comboy”, “country” to “yeehaw!”);
  2. 🙃 (“acting silly”, “confused”, “dying inside”);
  3. 🍒 (“fruit/food”, “cherry/snack” and “female breasts”).

A considerable part of respondents (40%) also considered that their identities are not yet reflected in emojis.

Age, race/ethnicity, culture and disability are the top four categories of inclusive emojis that users would like to see expanded.

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