12 skills you need to develop now

Everything indicates that the work of the future will have different requirements than those charged today. The sooner you prepare, the better, so check out what skills will need to be developed by professionals.

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12 key skills for the job of the future

1 – Creativity: you need to develop creativity for the work of the future, because it is the ability to dream, imagine and generate innovative and efficient ideas.

2 – Critical thinking: Critical thinking is one of the skills that will make you analyze data and statistics more accurately and assertively.

3 – More emotional intelligence and greater empathy: the work of the future will require more emotional intelligence of professionals. These will have to deal with feelings with mastery and will still need to develop empathy – the ability to put themselves in the other’s shoes.

4 – Responsibility in highly complex situations: if it was already difficult to deal with traditional technologies, the digital world has applied a series of more complex innovations. You must manipulate this to your advantage.

5 – Social awareness about diversity: another characteristic of the work of the future is tolerance and respect for diversity.

6 – Flexibility: the pandemic made it clear that work will no longer be as it always was. Today people can work from home and with high flexibility of schedules.

7 – Communication skills: we are still in the Information Age and knowing how to communicate is fundamental. This is a feature that should be around for a long time.

8 – Teamwork: if you like to work alone and are individualistic, you need to adapt to the work of the future, which will demand more connection between individuals.

9 – Adaptation: knowing how to adapt to innovations is the least expected in a constantly changing society;

10 – Leadership: more and more people need to become entrepreneurs and develop leadership skills;

11 – Networking: cultivate professional relationships to build contacts in your networking;

12 – Time management: Finally, time management is essential because of all the characteristics mentioned above.

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