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On the 28th of September, the premiere blonde at Netflixthe biopic of one of the most important stars in Hollywood history: Marilyn Monroe. And to play her, nothing fairer than another heavyweight actress, whose talent has been proven more and more with each role she plays: Ana de Armas.

Born in Cuba, the actress has become a darling of the film industry in recent years, having participated in projects such as Blade Runner 2049, Between Knives and Secrets and 007: No Time to Die. And in case you still don’t know much about the actress, don’t worry, because here we list everything you need to know about Ana de Armas!

Who is Ana de Armas?

Ana Celia de Armas Case was born in Havana, Cuba, on the day April 30, 1988. Now 34 years old, she started her career in Spanish-language productions, before migrating fully to the US and actively working in several Hollywood productions.

In later interviews, the actress even confirmed that she never had much access to artistic productions when she was younger, but she used to watch classic movies at her neighbor’s house, and memorize the monologues to repeat in front of the mirror. She didn’t give another: at age 12, she decided to be an actress.

creation and education

Raised in Cuba, Ana de Armas lived happily with her family. Her father, Ramon, worked with various jobs – from banker to teacher. already his mother, A-N-A, worked in the Human Resources department of the Cuban Ministry of Education. She even has a brother named javierwho is a photographer and lives in New York.

At the age of 14, Ana de Armas joined the National Theater of Cuba, where he began to gain admiration on stage. The granddaughter of Spaniards, she moved to Madrid when she came of age, and it’s where she got her first big roles in audiovisual productions, before heading straight into Hollywood.

First roles of Ana de Armas

The first role of Ana de Armas came in a Cuban movie called A Rose of France, released in 2006 – recorded while she was still living in Cuba and studying theater. During a trip to Spain to promote the project, she ended up being hired to act in two films: Madrigal and the lost edenboth from 2007.

Thus, she was soon called to star in the television series The Internwhich aired from 2007 to 2010. In the series, she played Carolina Leal Solísone of the main characters – and it didn’t stop there, as she was also called to other film projects, such as lies and fat2009; The street, from 2011; and chinese dogfrom 2012.

start in hollywood

the first job of Ana de Armas in Hollywood, however, only came in 2015, thanks to the movie Knock Before Enteringwhere he starred alongside names like Keanu Reeves and Lorenza Izzo. Despite being poorly received by critics, the film gave Ana great projection, who continued to be called for several roles.

In 2016, she reunited with Keanu Reeves in the action thriller Daughter of Godin addition to starring in stone hands – the biopic of the Panamanian boxer, Roberto Durán. She was also in the movie war dogsbeside jonah hill and Miles Tellerand in 2017 played an important role in On the edgebeside Scott Eastwood.

Straight to the blockbusters!

2017 was also a very important year for the career of Ana de Armasas that was when she started getting notoriety roles in major blockbusters. The first of them was Blade Runner 2049movie of Denis Villeneuve which serves as a continuation of the 1982 classic. Here, she plays Joean artificial intelligence with feelings.

After a few projects, she returned with full force in 2019 in Between Knives and Secretsthe acclaimed murder mystery of Rian Johnson, where she plays a maid who, inexplicably, receives an inheritance from her former boss, who was murdered. Last year, she played the role of bond girl Paloma in 007: No Time to Die.

Ana de Armas’ relationships

the love life of Ana de Armas also took up a lot of space in the tabloids. In 2010, she started dating the Spanish star. Marc Clotetand the two were married the following year – but the relationship didn’t last long, as by 2013, divorce papers had already been signed by both sides.

However, the great controversy involving the actress began in 2010, when several photos of her next to Ben Affleck appeared on the internet. However, there are rumors that it was all a coup de marketing to promote the film Deep waterswhich came out earlier this year and was starred by the couple.

TV and music video appearances

Although most of his career has been spent on the big screen, Ana de Armas also collects some television appearances – almost all in Spanish-language productions. beyond the series The Internshe was in the series Hispania, La Leyendawhich told a legend about the Iberian Peninsula in the 2nd century BC.

She also participated in some music videos, such as Fragile World (from the Spanish rock band sidecars), everyday (from Cuban hip-hop group Orisha) and Before The World Ends (of rapper Puerto rican Resident).

What is Ana de Armas doing?

Ana continues to have an impressive career as an actress, and her next project has attracted a lot of attention and has been causing controversy before it even debuted. she will be in the long blondein Andrew Dominikwhich is a biopic of Marilyn Monroe. with touch of thriller psychological and suspenseful, the film will show the image created around the actress.

The only announced future project, in addition to blondeis a romantic adventure movie called ghostedwhich will debut on Apple TV+, but there is no release date yet. In the long run, she will play opposite Chris Evans, Adrien Brody, Tim Blake Nelson and Amy Sedaris. In addition, she is also one of the executive producers of the film.

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