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O AMC prepared an exciting special for this Sunday, September 4th. Check out, from 4:25 pm, the exhibition of productions full of passion, mysteries, crimes and apocalyptic missions, such as “The Book of Love”, “The Words”, “Stealing is an Art”, and, “The Book of Eli”, in the schedule.

The Book of Love

Starting the “Sacred Books” Special, at 4:25 pm, with the screening of “The Book of Love”, which is directed by Bill Purple (“Cruel Summer”), and highlights the story of a widowed architect from New Orleans who begins a unlikely relationship with a runaway teenager.

The words

Then, at 18:25, the special features “As Palavras”. In the film, starring Zoë Saldana (“Guardians of the Galaxy”) and Bradley Cooper (“A Star Is Born”), and winner of the Best Picture award at the 2013 Global Nonviolent Film Festival, a writer at the height of literary success discovers the high price you must pay for stealing someone else’s work.

Stealing is an art

The production is followed by “Stealing is an Art”, at 20:20. With a script and direction by Jonathan Sobol (“Double Game”), the feature features big names such as Kurt Russell (“The Hateful Eight”), Matt Dillon (“Crash: The Edge”), Jay Baruchel (“It’s The The End”), Kenneth Welsh (‘Twin Peaks’) and Katheryn Winnick (‘Vikings’), and follows two thieving brothers who decide to steal a priceless book for their latest heist.

The book of Eli

And ending the special, after the airing of the newest episode of ‘Infiniti’, watch the apocalyptic dystopia “The Book of Eli”, at 22:50. In the plot, a lonely man struggles as he makes his way across the United States with a mission to protect a holy book that contains secrets to save humanity.

The productions present in the special can also be seen on the VoD services that offer AMC in their programming.

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