Apple puts battery percentage on 4 iPhone models

It took longer than it should have, but Apple has finally announced iPhone models that now feature the battery percentage icon. The change is available in the first beta of iOS 16.1. Know what they are for when you change your device.

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The possibility appeared in the first beta and should be valid for the iPhone XR, 11 and Mini models. Before that, the feature was only found on models with an OLED or large screen, despite being something very requested by users.

battery percentage

This is one of the main new features of iOS 16.

Despite this, some models still follow without the indication of battery percentage. This is the case of the iPhone XR and 11. The novelty appeared in the beta version last Wednesday, the 14th. In other words, owners of iPhone XR, 11 and Mini models will finally have the option to enable the indicator.

People charged the resource in models with LCD screen and 5.4 inches. Despite the percentage update, Apple has not indicated the reason for the absence of the feature so far. What is noticeable is that the lack of it bothered the owners of some models, who still charge for the indicator that brings relevant information.

The information so far is only available when opening the Control Center.

With the update, instead of being displayed next to the battery icon, the percentage is shown within the indicator itself. The reason for this would be the lack of usable space in some models. Another detail is that the percentage indication will be optional. Therefore, to activate it, users will have to follow some steps.

Are they:

  • Go to “settings”;
  • Under “battery”, click on the new “battery level” option.

In this way, Apple is expected to release the change to other notch phones in iOS 16.1. The possibility is seen as a basic feature and basic deployment, making life easier for owners of devices in these models.

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