Atlético-MG does not excite, loses to Avaí and remains out of the G6

Atlético-MG had another frustrating afternoon in an attempt to get closer to the G6 of the Brasileirão. The alvinegra team was defeated by Avaí, today (17), by 1 to 0, in Ressacada, in a game valid for the 27th round of the competition. The only goal of the match was scored by Guilherme Bissoli.

The victory of Santa Catarina ended a nine-game fast without winning in the Brasileirão precisely in the debut of coach Lisca. With the result, Atlético occupies 7th place, with 40 points and is three behind the G6, as the team comes from a draw against Bragantino in the last round, in a result that had also been frustrating for the team.

It is worth remembering that Athletico plays in the round against Cuiabá and can increase the distance for the Minas Gerais team to six points if they win. Already Avaí went to 28 points and breathed in the Z4, provisionally leaving the penultimate place.

The next commitment of Avaí is on Sunday (25), against São Paulo, in Morumbi, at 20h (Brasília). Atletico will have more time until their next game. The alvinegra team will only return to the field on Wednesday (28), against Palmeiras, in Mineirão, at 21:15.

balanced first half

The first half of the match showed balance between the two teams, which did not create many effective chances of goals. Galo tried to look for moves more on the left side with Keno and Rubens and scared him at times. In summary, it was a brigade stage as expected from two teams with different goals in the table.

Best odds in the end

In the final stretch, both teams were more aggressive. Galo almost opened the scoring at 41 with Nacho. After a corner kick, the Argentine finished for the empty goal, but Rafael Vaz headed it over the line. At 47, Avaí responded and had their best chance in the first stage. Pottker advanced down the right side, left Rubens behind and sent it to the goal. Everson made the save and secured the score blank for the break.

VAR kicks in in the second half

Right at the beginning of the second stage, VAR came into action in Ressacada. Nathan Silva touched the ball with his arm after a free kick by the Santa Catarina team. The referee went to the booth and evaluated the bid and confirmed the penalty for the hosts, generating a lot of complaints on the white side.

Everson almost saves, but Avaí takes the lead

Bissoli, at 8, took the penalty in the middle of the goal. Everson even touched the ball, but not enough to prevent it from going to the goal, putting Avaí ahead in the game.

Teams go up

After the goal, Avaí still had another good chance at 21. Raniele headed in the middle of the area after the corner kick and demanded a good save from Everson. Atlético tried to respond with Kardec, with a header, in the 24th minute, but the ball went over the goal.

Atlético go for all or nothing

With the changes of coach Cuca, Atlético started to put pressure on Avai from the 30th minute. Despite the greater volume in the area of ​​Santa Catarina, Galo didn’t create clear chances and couldn’t get out even with Ressacada’s draw.



Competition: 27th round of the Brazilian Championship
Date: September 17, 2022 (Saturday)
Location and time: 16:30 (from Brasilia)
Referee: André Luiz de Freitas Castro (GO)
Auxiliaries: Fabricio Vilarinho da Silva (Fifa-GO) and Leone Carvalho Rocha (GO)
VAR: Wagner Reway (PB)
Cards: Bruno Silva, Cortez (Avaí); Rubens, Jemerson, Nathan Silva (Atlético-MG)

goals: Guilherme Bissoli (8 – 2Q)

HAWAII: Gledson; Kevin, Bressan, Rafael Vaz, Cortez; Raniele (Jean Cléber), Bruno Silva (Pablo Dyego), Natanael (Eduardo) and Jean Pyerre (Matheus Sarará); Pottker and Bissoli (Paolo Guerrero). Technician: Lisca,

ATLETIC-MG: Everson; Guga, Nathan Silva, Jemerson (Junior Alonso) and Rubens; Allan, Jair (Caleb), Nacho (Ademir); Eduardo Vargas (Alan Kardec), Keno and Sasha. Ttechnician: cuca

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