copied? iPhone 14 gains functions present in Xiaomi cell phones

To adopt features first released on Android phones It is not an uncommon practice of apple, which has already “borrowed” features such as the application drawer and live subtitles, among other functions of the Google system. The same path was followed again in the iPhone 14released on the 7th.

As reports the Android Authority, the new generation of the iPhone “copied” at least two functions that already existed in smartphones of the competing system, as in Xiaomi cell phones. one of them is the dual frequency GPS, available on the Pro versions of the Apple phone and Apple Watch Ultra.

This technology is characterized by using the GPS L1 and L5 bands. Older, the first contains a code reserved for the military and another for civilian use, presenting difficulties to deal with obstacles, while the second, more modern, has greater processing capacity to overcome signal failures.

Dual-frequency GPS is unique to the more expensive versions of the iPhone 14.Dual-frequency GPS is unique to the more expensive versions of the iPhone 14.Source: Apple/Disclosure

The result of the combination is a greater accuracy when providing location data, with coverage virtually anywhere, even in the most remote areas. This new iPhone 14 Pro feature debuted on the Xiaomi Mi 8 in 2018 and was later adopted by premium phones from Samsung and OnePlus, among other brands.

Auto brightness improvements

Another feature that Apple would have copied from Android phones on the iPhone 14 has to do with the screen’s automatic brightness. The new generation of the phone includes two ambient light sensors, one on the front and one on the back, offering more precise adjustments.

This dual engine first debuted on the 2020 Xiaomi Mi 10, providing a number of improvements to the lineup, and was later adopted in Samsung handsets and Google’s Pixel phones.

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