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Crusoe: Charles the Impatient

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With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Britons and citizens around the world have focused on the new king’s actions to capture his personality and predict what his reign will be like.remember the Crusoe.

“The first impression was auspicious. Upon arriving at Buckingham Palace in London, Charles III got out of the car to greet the people. Amid handshakes, she even won a kiss on the rosy cheek. On Saturday, the 10th, he showed the other cheek. Sitting down to sign the document of your proclamation, grimaced to complain about a tray placed in front of him and gestured anxiously for an employee to remove the object.”

On another occasion, he got the date wrong when he signed a book and raged. Then he complained about the leaking pen. ‘I can’t stand this damn thing. They do it every time,’ he complained. Charles’ differences with his mother are clear. First, there is no record of her having reprimanded any official in front of the public. Second, Elizabeth kept body contact to a minimum, following the protocol that royalty should not be touched — unless they take the initiative.”

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