Cuca e Galo: the sad story of a disenchantment – 09/17/2022

Cuca led Atlético to be the sensation team in 2021.

It was a joy to see the Rooster on the field. Ball touch, offensiveness, winning mentality, exciting turnarounds, wins at the very end.

Brazilian Champion, crowd in a trance; the future looked like a party.

But Cuca, as he had already done with Palmeiras, decided that he was going to ask to leave.

Cuca apparently likes to be on top.

Galo brought in a little-known coach: Argentinian, young, daring. But Turco Mohamed couldn’t keep Atlético playing at a high level, the team got lost and disenchanted.

Salvation seemed to be the one that had put Atletico on top.

Cuca came back celebrated and saying that he knew what he had to do for the team to resume the path of success.

Didn’t know. The Rooster never met again, never enchanted again.

This Saturday, he lost to Avaí, one of the lanterns and a team that had not won for nine rounds.

A nervous, disorganized, uncreative rooster abusing crosses was not able to equalize, much less turn.

Atlético is there in the middle of the table fighting for Libertadores, but maybe having to settle for Sulamericana.

Where to put Cuca in this script?

Like the coach who gave Galo such a dreamed title or like the guy who reached the top and said “I gave it to me” delivering the team to the downfall?

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