Dog destroys packages of World Cup figurines and damages BRL 875

Mariana Molla Navarro, 25, had a real surprise last Monday (12). Upon arriving at her home after work, around 11 pm, the businesswoman came across a pile of garnet packages on the living room floor. These were more than 400 packs of stickers from the 2022 World Cup album that she and her husband, Guilherme, had bought to resell.

The one responsible for the mess? Ted, a 1 year and 3 month old German Spitz who decided he wanted to get into the hexa mood. The dog climbed on the table where there was a plastic bag with the figurines and made the party. Luckily for the couple, he managed to shred “only” about 250 packages, which reduced the size of the damage.

“There were about 400 or so packages there. Some he managed to open and tear, others he couldn’t, which ended up being underneath. There were about 250 packages opened. The packages were inside a bag and on the table, so he went upstairs , took it and tore it all”, said Mariana, UOL Esporte.

She and her husband resell figurines and pay around R$3.50 per package. Thus, the loss of Ted’s game cost approximately R$ 875. Not to mention that there could be legendary figurines in the middle – a rare Neymar figurine costs as much as R$ 9 thousand. But their only reaction when they saw the damage was to laugh. Laugh and film.

“The moment we opened the door, we said, ‘It’s not possible’. Ted is always up to no good, it’s funny because we always imagine he’s going to do something, but we didn’t expect it to be with the stickers. So I took my cell phone at the time and recorded it, because no one would believe that he shredded all that. We laughed and wanted to see his reaction”, he said.

The video, which went viral on TikTok, begins with the tutor filming the mess on the living room floor. “I think someone opened the packages before we did,” she began, laughing. In the sequence, she calls for the dog, which appears with a suspicious look, in the crack of the bedroom door, upon hearing her name. “He knows, right, he knows he did f****. I wanted to open a sticker too”, added the tutor about the newest “fan” of the selection.

Mariana also revealed that there were those who did not believe that the scene was real even with the recording. “To my surprise, there were people who even thought it was fake news. I said: ‘Guys, how can a dog be an actor like that, looking so suspicious and running into the room?’ He is like that, very affectionate, but connected to the 220 [voltz]“, he pondered.

ted - Playback/Personal Archive - Playback/Personal Archive

Ted, the one-year-old and three-month-old German Spitz who shredded around 250 packets of World Cup figurines

Image: Reproduction/Personal file

According to her, Ted’s arts are not limited to sticker packs. “We can’t leave the bathroom door open, he takes the toilet paper and we can’t leave any food where he can climb,” he continued.

But the dog’s prank won’t shake the resale of figurines. Mariana stated that they will continue until the end of the tournament and gave the solution to prevent the episode from happening again. “We’re going to resell until the World Cup is over. Just don’t take any more work home, now I just sort out the stickers at the office. That’s the way,” she concluded, laughing.

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