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A farmer made a discovery considered an archaeological treasure. While planting olive trees, he found several tile mosaics from the Byzantine era in the gaza strip.

The farmer hit something hard with a shovel as he dug the hole for planting. After calling the son, the two excavated and found the archaeological treasure. Hamas, the group that governs the Gaza Strip, has yet to make an official announcement. Despite the enthusiasm of the discovery, there are great fears about what will happen to the place.

The area is just over a kilometer from the border with Israel. Due to the conflict with the Palestinians, there are fears that the fighting could destroy the archaeological find, which would not be unprecedented in the region. According to RTP, a Portuguese news channel, the mosaic has 17 iconographies of monsters and birds, is well preserved and has vivid colors.

“These are the most beautiful mosaics ever discovered in the Gaza Strip, both in terms of graphic quality and the complexity of the geometry,” explained René Elter, a French archaeologist at the French School of Biblical and Archeology in Jerusalem. “Never have mosaics of this quality, graphic precision and richness of color been found in Gaza.”

Elter explained to the Associated Press that the mosaics were built between the 5th and 7th centuries. However, the archaeologist said more excavations and more research are needed to more accurately determine the date and whether the works are part of a religious or secular complex.

The Gaza Strip is a small Palestinian enclave between Israel and Egypt. It is a place of great archaeological value with discoveries of ancient civilizations, ranging from the Bronze Age to the Islamic and Ottoman eras.

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