Flamingo celebrates. It will have the largest stadium in South America. To dominate, once and for all, football on the continent. Announcement will be in November – Prisma

São Paulo Brazil

In order to carry out the plan to “domination of South America” ​​and establish itself as one of the most powerful clubs in the world, the most popular team in Brazil has a date for its first step.

November 15th.

Flamengo’s board works to make its 127th anniversary historic.

To mark the beginning of the construction of the biggest stadium, not only in Brazil, but in South America.

With a capacity of between 85,000 and 100,000 people.

President Rodolfo Landim’s daring plan is to transform the club into one of the biggest in the world, using the fans themselves as their biggest financial weapon.

The agreement with Caixa Econômica Federal involves the purchase of a plot of land covering 116 thousand square meters, which is located in the Gasómetro area, between Maracanã, São Januário and the Rodoviária. The land belongs to the Caixa itself. And it will be sold to the club.

In addition to the stadium, Landim has already made it clear that a shopping center will be built.

The project is called “Cidade Flamengo”.

Inspiration is what Borussia Dortmund did.

President Jair Bolsonaro himself already anticipated, in a live, last month, that the agreement is made for the red-black arena.

“There’s Flamengo that wants a stadium to call their own. Caixa is studying to transfer this area to Flamengo. There’s some cost to Flamengo. That’s being negotiated. The Army can collaborate with land. football game. It will be the Flamengo mall, for sure.”

The president mentioned the Army because there is a barracks next to the area where Flamengo will build their arena. The movement on game days could disrupt the barracks routine. But the “problem has already been fixed”.

Landim’s plan for Flamengo to repay the loan, which could be billions, is linked to the creation of the Liga dos Clubes Brasileiros. With the carioca club linking part of everything it receives, mainly from broadcasting its games, to the payment of debt installments.

But the greatest daring is to fulfill Landim’s old dream to pay for the stadium.

Put club shares on the Stock Exchange.

It can, and should, be through Banco de Brasília, the club’s main sponsor.

The certainty of the new stadium is such that football vice president Marcos Braz has already warned.

Maracanã will stay for games against “small clubs”.

In addition to the eternal dream of a stadium for the biggest fans in Brazil, cherished for decades, what drove the hurried search for the beginning of construction were the problems with the administration of Maracanã.

Flamengo’s management is extremely dissatisfied with what they spend to play in the stadium.

And want yours.

The optimistic forecast is that it will be ready in two or three years.

Flamengo’s leadership believes that, with the arena built, it can even double its revenue per season. The club should be the only Brazilian club to raise more than 1 billion reais in 2022. That’s without its stadium.

There is an intention to start making money even before the stadium is ready.

With the sale of the naming rights.

Boldness has no limits.

And reaching the richest layer of the Carioca, Brazilian population.

In the planning, 8 thousand captive chairs would be put up for sale.

With a privileged place in the stadium.

The desire is that each one of them cost R$ 100 thousand.

Which would yield an incredible R$ 800 million.

In addition, the stadium will be built ready to host the most modern shows in the world.

The president of Caixa Econômica Federal, Daniella Marques, warned that, with Flamengo, the bank will not follow the same model as the construction of the Corinthians stadium.

The R$400 million loan for the arena built for the 2014 World Cup has not yet been paid. A new deal was closed in 2021.

Flamengo’s management guarantees that the construction of its stadium will not affect the club’s finances. Let alone diminish the technical potential of the team. On the contrary, important media players will continue to arrive.

For the club to win titles, earn more money with broadcasting, fundraising and the arrival of new supporters.

The enthusiasm of the Flemish board is enormous.

To dominate South American football.

With the biggest crowd in Brazil as an accomplice.

And support from federal, state and municipal governments.

To have the biggest stadium on the continent.

Build the “Flemish City”…

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