Globo journalists disagree about the queue to see the queen’s coffin: “Not even dead”

Live on GloboNews, Rodrigo Carvalho showed a part of the kilometer line to enter the hall of the Palace of Westminster where the wooden urn with the body of Elizabeth II is.

In Rio, the anchor of ‘Estúdio i’, Andréia Sadi, asked if the reporter would face the 24-hour wait for those at the end of the line.

“I would only stay if it was a half-hour,” replied the correspondent. He praised the willingness of former player David Beckham, who joined the people waiting for their turn to go through the coffin.

Commentator Octávio Guedes was also asked about spending so much time looking closely at Elizabeth’s funeral urn.

“Not dead, or just dead,” he scoffed. The colleagues in the studio laughed at her sincerity.

Earlier, correspondent Cecília Malan said that she had queued for 6 hours before crossing the imposing hall transformed into a vigil center.

She received the bracelet with the number 97,469. “An unforgettable moment,” she described her.

“I saw the changing of the guard (around the coffin). Absolute silence. I could see the glitter of the Crown jewels (on top of the queen’s urn).”

Correspondent only faced the long line for a few minutes to report

Correspondent only faced the long line for a few minutes to report

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