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Harry Styles launches beauty brand (Photo: Disclosure/Tom Waler)

Harry Styles launches beauty brand (Photo: Disclosure/Tom Waler)

The artistic career allows many possibilities and one of them is not to get attached to just one area. Several singers rose to fame and proved to be “complete performers” upon arriving in the acting world.

Recently, the singer Harry Styles came to media attention by investing in his acting career in “Don’t Worry Honey” and “My Policeman”. The two productions will feature Styles as the protagonist and will hit theaters this year.

Harry, however, is not the only one to shine on screens. In Rihanna The Lady Gagaartists achieved recognition in the cinema and even reached the Oscar ceremony.

the singer of Watermelon Sugar came to success after joining the boy band One Direction and, recently, has shown a desire to invest more heavily in his career as an actor. Harry first appeared on screen as Alex in 2017’s “Dunkirk”. hits theaters on October 21st and on the Amazon Prime Video platform on November 4th.

The artist is also part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Eros, brother of Thanos. He appeared playing the character for the first time in 2021, in the movie Eternals, in the post-credits scenes, and is expected to return soon.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is also trying to make a career in the movies. The singer is one of those confirmed in Amsterdam, which hits theaters on October 6 with a strong cast and names like Christian Bale, Margot Robbie and Anya Taylor-Joy.

Taylor’s first on-screen experience was with the 2010 feature “The comings and goings of Love.” She acted alongside Taylor Lautner and the two ended up dating in real life.

The artist has also been part of the cast of “The Giver of Memories”, alongside Meryl Streep, in 2014. In 2019, she tattooed as the character Bombalurina in the criticized feature “Cats”.


Rihanna is always multifunctional and, in addition to being a singer and businesswoman, the artist is also an actress. She debuted in 2006 on screen with the teen comedy “Spicy: All or Nothing”.

However, her most prominent role came as Nine Ball in 2018’s “Eight Women and a Secret”, in which Rihanna starred alongside the likes of Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake started out in music as Harry Styles, joining a boy band. After leaving N’Sync, the singer invested in a solo career and began to stand out on the big screen.

Justin already has a veritable portfolio of hit movies. In 2010, the singer was part of the cast of “The Social Network”, a film that received three trophies at the Oscars ceremony. The artist also starred in the feature “Colorful Friendship”, in 2011, alongside Mila Kunis.

In 2017, Timberlake returned again to the Oscars ceremony to perform with the song Can’t Stop The Feeling, from the animation “Trolls”, in which he voiced the character Branch. The song was nominated for the Best Original Song award.

Lady Gaga

One of the most remembered when it comes to singers who have excelled in acting, Lady Gaga also has great movie roles. The artist began to stand out as an actress in the horror series “American Horror Story” and won the award for Best Actress in a Miniseries at the Golden Globes in 2016.

In 2018, Gaga starred in the feature “A Star Is Born” and, the following year, made history after becoming the first artist to win five awards in the same season. She collected a Grammy, Golden Globe, Bafta, Critics Choice and scored an Oscar with Shallow, which won the award for Best Original Song.

The singer will return to theaters again in 2024 starring in “Joker: Folie à Deux”, a sequel to “Joker”, alongside Joaquin Phoenix.

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