How to Hide Search Button Pinned to iPhone Home Screen in iOS 16

The spotlight is a specific function of the iPhone to perform internal searches, but which was previously only available as an application. The feature eventually became a button in the latest iOS 16 update, released this month. Therefore, the public did not like the result very much and began to look for ways to modify the layout to remove this option.

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The proposal is good, but not everyone liked it

Apple’s goal with this change was to increase the ease with which people find applications. Currently smartphones concentrate numerous digital services and it is not always easy to make them all visible.

Therefore, the initiative addressed some complaints related to the difficulty of finding a certain application among so many gadgets.

What’s New in the 16th Generation Operating System

The home screen of iPhone did not count on so many possibilities for personalization, but this factor has undergone transformations. Interactive backgrounds, a variety of colors and information are now offered on the block. The most notable change of all was certainly the ”search” device, represented by a magnifying glass when unlocking the phone.

Disable iPhone Home Screen Search Button

1st Step: access the ”Settings” of the iPhone and select ”Start Screen”.

2nd Step: in the search section, uncheck the option ”Show on Start Screen”.

Okay, now there will be no more initial tools that can be activated by touch accidentally. If you’re already familiar with all the built-in features, you don’t need to use it often.

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