Is that you, Rodolfo Rodrigues? CSA’s goalkeeper makes an incredible sequence of defenses against Chape and remembers the Uruguayan’s historic move in the 80’s | csa

CSA presented a great character in this Saturday’s game against Chapecoense, for the 30th round of Serie B. In the 39th minute of the first half, goalkeeper Marcelo Carné was sent off at Arena Condá, for defending with his hands outside the area, and coach Roberto Fernandes called Paulo Ricardo, ex-Paysandu.

The reserve arrived in July, but it was only this morning that he gained a chance in the team. Detail: Chape had a foul almost on the line from the penalty area to charge. Then came the miracle. After Mailton’s charge, there was a bombardment inside the blue area, at 42, starting with Perotti.

There were four submissions, one of them at close range, and the goalkeeper did not let it pass. Three tough saves and a ball on the post. He took the corner, over, under and even on the rebound, in a shot from outside the area. Sportv’s video soon gained enormous repercussion on social networks.

Paulo Ricardo makes a miracle in his debut for CSA — Photo: Reproduction Sportv

The move even recalled a legendary sequence by Uruguayan goalkeeper Rodolfo Rodrigues in 1984, when he defended Santos against América-SP.

This Saturday’s incredible move, however, did not help CSA to come out with a good result from Arena Condá. In the 46th minute of the final stage, Perotti scored after another miracle by Paulo Ricardo and decreed the victory of the Santa Catarina team by 1-0.

In 1984, the Uruguayan Rodolfo Rodrigues makes incredible saves against América de Rio Preto

In 1984, the Uruguayan Rodolfo Rodrigues makes incredible saves against América de Rio Preto

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