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Few players in Serie B have a recent history of goals like Figueiredo, from Vasco, in 2022. The striker has been noted for a rare feature in Brazilian football: the kick from outside the area. The last one was recorded this Friday, in the 4-1 victory against Náutico.

Interestingly, Figueiredo has three goals for the professional – and three gentlemen goals. If in the first round the goals were in two free kicks, in São Januário, for the 30th round of Serie B, the baseman took a long shot from the top hat.

– The secret is the work. I’ve been working hard day by day. I believe that work is responsible – said Figueiredo, when asked about the formula for goals.

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Figueiredo celebrates with somersault in Vasco x Náutico — Photo: André Durão/ge

Figueiredo came on in the 30th minute of the second half, when Vasco was already beating Náutico 3-1, right after Timbu’s goal. To give new gas to the marking and counterattacks, Jorginho put the striker in place of Raniel to act on the left wing, with Eguinaldo becoming the reference of the attack. The move worked: 12 minutes after being triggered, the boy dominated the ball on the left and sent it into the drawer of goalkeeper Jean, with his right foot.

– At the time the bid is very fast. The chip only falls when the crowd screams. I’m happy, my last goal was against Náutico (in the first round) and I’m happy to score again – said Figueiredo.

A centre-forward at the base, the 21-year-old player became a winger in the professional team and stood out a lot in the first round for his delivery in marking – in some recent games he was even used as a full-back – and for the goals he scored against Bahia and Náutico, in the 7th and 11th rounds, respectively. The curious thing is that the first two goals were free kicks from very far away.
See the goals:

Check out the three goals scored by Figueiredo for Vasco in this Serie B

Check out the three goals scored by Figueiredo for Vasco in this Serie B

The fame of a goal scorer has already spread through social networks. Some pages and fans played with Figueiredo’s beautiful goals for Vasco.

The first was against Bahia, in a very important victory for Vasco against a direct opponent in the fight for access to Serie A. Figueiredo hit a free kick in Danilo Fernandes’ angle, which gave the victory to the São Januário team in the first shift. That was the striker’s first professional goal in his career.

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Four rounds later, also against Náutico, in Arruda, Nenê and Figueiredo made a rehearsed move, in which the midfielder rolled in the free kick for the attacker to kick from far away. In all the goals, the celebration was the same as the player does from the base: a “dead jump”.

– That mortal over there is from the base. It comes out on automatic. If you ask me to make it cold, I won’t even do it – joked the attacker.

See the goal scored by Figueiredo in last Friday's victory

See the goal scored by Figueiredo in last Friday’s victory

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Now the attention of Figueiredo and Vasco turn to Cruzeiro, opponent of next Wednesday, at Mineirão, at 21h. In a game that can stamp the access of the Minas Gerais club, the Rio de Janeiro team needs to improve its performance away from home to score, because there are already seven consecutive defeats away from Rio. The striker designed the duel and the very important sequence in Serie B.

– It’s perfect to be scoring. We’re going to play against Cruzeiro and get another point or three there. It will be a great game, the team is good. You can expect a strong team from us. Then it’s a direct confrontation against Londrina. We will come out with the victory God willing – concluded Figueiredo.

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Vasco is in fourth place with 48 points, three ahead of Londrina, who tied with Tombense in the round and saw the distance for the G-4 increase. While Jorginho’s team visits Cruzeiro, Tubarão receives Ponte Preta in Paraná. In the other round, it’s a direct confrontation: Vasco and Londrina face each other in São Januário, on September 29th.

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