learn how to turn whatsapp audios into texts

Nowadays many Brazilians can no longer imagine themselves without social media. Among them, chat apps are being used not just as a hobby, but as work tools and much more.

With that in mind, here are some fundamental tools. know how to turn whatsapp audios into texts in a simple way and without having to download many new applications. Understand!

Learn how to quickly convert your audios to text on WhatsApp (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br)

Convert WhatsApp audio to text

First of all, it is important to remember that WhatsApp does not have the native feature to do this.

In other words, there are some tools that will help convert whatsapp audio to text.

In other words, those who don’t have time to listen to large audios or prefer to just read the messages can do the WhatsApp audio transcription.

To make it easier, we’ve selected tools for Android and iPhone phones. The good news is that there are options that work within the messaging app itself, without having to keep switching apps while doing everything.

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ViraTexto – Chatbot

Let’s start by talking about this simple option that doesn’t require you to download any type of application.

Namely, the chatbot turnText is being increasingly used by thousands of people.

According to the company Take Blip, responsible for the tool, this is a ‘robot’ within WhatsApp itself that receives the audios you send and transforms them into text.

It is possible to make WhatsApp audio transcription for free by ViraTexto. However, there is a limit on the length of the audios: up to 4 minutes.

Still, the step by step transform audio into text by ViraTexto stays like this:

  1. Add among your contacts the number: (31) 97228-0540;
  2. Start a conversation on WhatsApp – it can be by audio or text;
  3. Now carefully read the terms of use;
  4. Click on “I Agree” to continue;
  5. Finally, send or forward the audios to receive in text form.

Transcriber for WhatsApp

Finally, another option that is being increasingly sought after is the Transcriber app.

This option is free and transcribes slightly shorter content – ​​up to 1 minute. Still, the good news is that it supports multiple languages ​​– including Portuguese.

In this case, transcription may take a few minutes, depending on the size of the audio. Still, after finalized, a new window opens with the details.

Finally, the step by step to use Transcriber for WhatsApp is easy:

  1. Download the Transcriber app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.mirko.transcriber&hl=pt_BR&gl=US;
  2. Now select a Whats audio message;
  3. Press on the three dots and then on ‘Share’;
  4. Choose the ‘Transcriber’ option;
  5. Finally, select the ‘Transcribe’ option and then ‘OK’ and that’s it!

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