Mar do Sertão: Who is Eli Ferreira, villain of the 6 o’clock soap opera? Actress is also in an international series on Netflix – Series News

Mar do Sertão is Globo’s six-hour soap opera and has actress Eli Ferreira in the antagonist role; meet.

Replacing Beyond the Illusion as the six o’clock soap opera on Globo, Mar do Sertão takes place in Canta Pedra, a small town and follows the complex battle for power and the comings and goings of a love triangle formed by Candoca (Isadora Cruz), Zé Paulino ( Sergio Guizé) and Tertulinho (Renato Góes). Another important piece in this equation is Laura, a character played by the actress Eli Ferreira.

One of the antagonists of the novel, Laura is Zé Paulino’s assistant and secretly in love with him. Returning from New York after many years living in the United States, she comes with the objective of helping the boss in his revenge plans against Tertulinho. The problem is that this hidden love also influences the story – and the dispute for his love with Candoca.

Actress who plays Laura in Mar do Sertão will be in a Netflix series

Mar do Sertão marks the return of Eli Ferreira, 31, to the Globo network two years after Órfãos da Terra. Born in Nova Iguaçu, Eli played the Congolese immigrant Marie, known to the protagonist Laila (Julia Dalavia). In addition to the two soap operas, the actress was also in the cast of other productions, such as Malhação – Pro Dia Nascer Feliz, Império, Tempo de Amar, in addition to the series Sexo e as Negas.

Soon we will see her on screens again, but this time on streaming. That’s because Eli Ferreira will play one of the characters of Santo, an international production on Netflix, starring Bruno Gagliasso and one of the main premieres of September on streaming. In the story, the actress of Mar do Serão will play an upstanding police officer, who will have to deal with hardcore criminals.

In the Netflix crime thriller, Gagliasso also plays a federal police officer, who must investigate a dangerous drug dealer known only as Santo, whose true identity is a mystery. For that, he will need to form a team with another police officer very different from them and the two will have to find a way to work together.

In addition to Netflix, Eli Ferreira is also on Amazon Prime Video as part of the cast of Sentença, a series starring Camila Morgado that follows the story of an experienced lawyer who specializes in the defense of serious crimes. In cinema, Eli also participated in Eduardo and Mônica, a feature starring Alice Braga and Gabriel Leone, released in 2022.

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