Mercado Livre: vehicles saw discount coupons until today (16)

This Friday (16th), the last day of the hopscotch hunting promotion Free marketwhich is presenting consumers across the country with discount coupons. Between the 12th and 16th of September, in the Discount action, consumers can get discounts when finding a ML vehicle on the streets of the country.

The promotion works as follows: Mercado Livre’s fleets of vans and electric cars are present throughout the country and, during the period, will represent discount coupons. Thus, platform users who photograph the vehicles and post them on their accounts on twitterwith the hashtag #CouponLivrenoDescontaçowill receive the exclusive coupons.

“We have great demand from our consumers for coupons on social media. And nothing better than bringing one of our biggest visual icons to meet this request from our users. With that, we were able to connect them with our brand, reinforcing one of the symbols of our speed in delivery”, said the branding director of Mercado Livre, Thais Souza Nicolau.

Customers who want a discount need to hunt for ML hopscotch vans in their regions.Customers who want a discount need to hunt for ML hopscotch vans in their regions.Source: Reproduction

Up to 70% discount

According to the Mercado Livre’s official note, the action was developed by the Ginga agency and offers products with up to 70% discount, in addition to fast and free shipping on purchases from R$ 79. As it is an exclusive promotion on Twitter, users must follow the Mercado Livre profile to participate in the promotion.

The action will take place as long as coupons are available and ML vans are spread across the country to offer discounts to customers in different regions. In any case, it is important to note that only one coupon is available per consumer.

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