Meteor is seen crossing the UK sky

Meteor is seen in the sky over Scotland
Reproduction/UK Meteor Network

Meteor is seen in the sky over Scotland

residents of Scotland
Northern Ireland and England saw, on the night of this Wednesday (15), a
fire ball

crossing the UK sky.

The fireball lit up the sky for about 20 seconds, becoming visible around 10pm local time. The object traveled 300 km above Wales, the Irish Sea and Belfast before crashing into the Atlantic near Islay, according to calculations carried out by the Meteorological Network of the United States. UK

The UK Meteor Network (UMN), which has more than 170 meteor detection cameras across the UK, said it was a meteor
that entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

“We are now 100% confident it was a small part of an asteroid,” the network’s official Twitter account posted.

Before confirming the object’s identity and provenance, astronomers thought it was space debris from the Starlink satellite program, owned by businessman Elon Musk

The researchers initially said they didn’t think the object was a meteor because of its speed and also because of its trajectory in the UK sky.

UMN said it received nearly 800 reports of the fireball. The International Meteor Organization received over 1,000.

See records of the meteor’s passage:

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