New NUBANK card releases up to 50% off

O Nubank offers in its application several services that have many advantages, such as its cards. One of the most requested by fintech is Ultravioleta, which, in addition to the exclusive benefits of a product in the black version, offers a series of discounts at partner companies.

However, it is important to point out that, unlike the traditional purple, Ultravioleta has an annual fee of R$ 49 per month, which can be exempted if the user maintains their monthly expenses at R$ 5 thousand, or invests at least R$ 150 thousand in the bank. digital.

The tool is printed on the Mastercard Black flag, which guarantees access to VIP lounges and Wi-Fi at airports, travel life insurance, secure shopping and other benefits. In addition, the holder is entitled to 1% automatic cashback on all purchases, and his balance earns 200% of the CDI.

Discounts at partner stores

Partner companies can grant discounts of up to 50%. Check it out below:

  • C&A: 12% discount on the website;
  • Camicado: up to 10% discount on all purchases on the hotsite;
  • Casas Bahia: up to 25% off selected products;
  • Centaur: 25% discount on team shirts on the website;
  • Clube do Malt: 50% discount on the first month of Beer Pack 4 for quarterly subscription;
  • Dasa: up to 20% discount on vaccines and exams;
  • Take off: up to 10% off tickets, accommodation, packages and more;
  • Electrolux: up to 45% discount at the Shop Club;
  • Evino: R$ 50 off the first purchase and R$ 20 on the others;
  • Extra: up to 25% off selected products;
  • Liquid: 12% discount on the entire promotion hotsite;
  • LivUp: up to 20% off products;
  • Localiza: 10% discount on daily rates;
  • Mash: 10% discount on the entire site;
  • Natura: up to 30% off selected products;
  • Netshoes: 15% discount on purchases on the site;
  • Point: up to 25% off selected products;
  • RecargaPay: R$ 10, discount on the first purchase in the app;
  • Renner: up to 15% off on site purchases;
  • Salomão Zoppi: 25% discount on exams;
  • Shoestock: up to R$100 off on site purchases;
  • Table Society: 20% discount on the first purchase;
  • Tommy Hilfiger: 20% off plus free shipping;
  • Zattini: 10% discount on products sold and shipped by Zattini.

Discover all Nubank credit cards

O Nubank is one of the most used digital banks in the country. At first, among the various benefits offered by fintech, credit cards are the most requested by customers.

Currently, the bank offers users three card options, the goldPlatinum and Ultraviolet, each with special and unique conditions.

Nubank Gold and Platinum Cards

First, the two types of card are the most requested by customers in the Nubank. Both have several benefits, such as 0 annuity. However, the difference between the tools is precisely in the advantages available in each one.

Namely, on the Gold card, customers can enjoy an extended warranty of up to 1 year, promotions on purchases made with the tool, insurance and protection for prisoners and protection on purchases for accidental damage or theft.

On the other hand, on the card platinumusers can benefit from travel consultancy, concierge services, international offers, car insurance or medical emergencies in travel and corkage exemption (customers do not pay the fee on the 1st bottle of wine in restaurants).

The most used card in the day to day of the customers of the Nubank It is in Gold mode. However, for customers who travel a lot, Platinum is the best option.

Nubank Ultraviolet Card

The Ultraviolet modality is more recent than is available through Nubank. The tool has, first, a differential in its physical model, for being in silver color. In addition, this model is the one that offers the most benefits to customers. The main ones are:

  • 1% cashback on credit purchases;
  • Yield of 200%, if the value is saved;
  • Extended warranty on purchases;
  • Insurance (price protection, purchase protection, luggage, travel);
  • VIP lounges at airports;
  • Monthly fee 40% lower than other offers on the market, in Black and Premium modalities.

How to apply for fintech cards?

The request for the tools can be performed quickly and simply through the channels of the Nubank.

To request Gold or Platinum cards, just follow the steps below:

  • First, to start the procedure, install the Nubank application on your phone;
  • Then, on the homepage, click on “Start”;
  • Enter your personal data and click on “Continue”;
  • Finally, to finish, read carefully and click on “Accept and continue” to agree with the company’s privacy policy.

The Ultraviolet card can be requested through the official website of Nubank. After making the request, the customer is placed on a waiting list. It is important to remember that for granting the tool, the bank does not require a minimum income.

The bank performs an analysis and, if approved, the citizen will receive an email from the fintech and a message will appear in the bank’s application.

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