Novorizontino beats Grêmio and imposes first defeat on Renato Gaúcho

Novorizontino surprised Grêmio. Today (16), the São Paulo team won 2-0, at the Jorge de Biasi stadium, in Novo Horizonte, for the 30th round of Serie B. With goals from Gustavo Bochecha and Douglas Baggio, the São Paulo team gained momentum in the fight against the of relegation and imposed the first defeat to Renato Gaúcho in the current passage by the gaucho team.

Novorizontino jumped to 36 points and now occupies 13th place. He has five points more than the first on the drop line. Grêmio, on the other hand, with 50 points, is in third place, and wasted in overtaking Bahia and taking the second place. Tricolor has five points more than Londrina, the first club outside the G4.

Renato Gaúcho met his first defeat. The coach had debuted in the Grêmio reserve in his fourth spell with a victory over Vasco, but the setback came in the next game.

Grêmio’s next game will be on Tuesday (20), against Sport, at the Arena. On the same day, Novorizontino catches Guarani, in Campinas.

It went well: Douglas Baggio is decisive

Attacking midfielder Douglas Baggio was decisive. In addition to opening the scoring, he assisted Bochecha’s goal and showed a lot of tactical commitment in the game.

It was bad: Diogo Barbosa misses a goal

Diogo Barbosa lost the ball in the attack and did not return in time to occupy his space. On the open flank, Gustavo Bochecha came in and scored the second goal for Novorizontino.

Chance for Lucas Leiva lasts 45 minutes

Lucas Leiva received the opportunity to start as a starter in the place of Bitello, who is suspended. But his chance lasted only 45 minutes. Without producing anything offensively, with passing and positioning errors, he ended up being served for Elkeson’s entry when Tricolor lost the game by 2 to 0.

Novorizontino’s game: Firm on the pitch

Novorizontino was a firm team on the field. From the first minutes, it was Tigre that dominated the match. He had already come close to the goal in a conclusion from outside the Lepo area. But it was in a corner, with Douglas Baggio, who opened the scoring. Afterwards, he kept Grêmio under control with a firm and retreating defense. He waited for the advances of the gaucho team’s sides and abused the counterattack to create. He reached the second goal and was close to doing more. In the final stage, he maintained absolute control of the match even though the rival sought the attack.

Grêmio’s game: Defense failures and inoperative attack

Grêmio had more possession of the ball, exchanged a lot more passes, but never got close to the goal. There were many lateral and unproductive plays. Throws that went from one side to the other to simple failures that caused counterattacks from the rival. The defense gave space for most of the game and the attack created almost nothing. The summary of Grêmio’s performance was due to an effort, a little disorganized, which aimed for a draw when it was already two behind, but insufficient, as it was still under control.

Mazola Jr debuts to avoid the worst

Coach Mazola Jr debuted tonight for Novorizontino. And right away he promoted changes in the team. The main one was the entry of Gustavo Bochecha, who had not been the team’s starter. And he got it right. The midfielder scored his team’s second goal, still in the first half. The objective of the new coach is to avoid the relegation of the team from the interior of São Paulo to Serie C. And an important step was taken at the beginning of the journey.


Date: September 16, 2022 (Friday)
Place: Jorge de Biasi stadium, in Novo Horizonte (SP)
Referee: Ramon Abatti Abel (SC)
auxiliaries: Éder Alexandre (SC) and Marcyano da Silva Vicente (MG)
VAR: Rafael Traci (SC)
yellow cards: Bochecha, Lucas Tocantins, Bruno Costa (NOV); Lucas Leiva, Edilson, Thaciano (GRE)
goals: Douglas Baggio (NOV), at 24 minutes, and Gustavo Bochecha (NOV), at 33 minutes of the first half.

NOVORIZONTAL: Lucas Frigeri; William Lepo, Walber, Rodolfo Filemon and Romario; Jhony Douglas, Gustavo Bochecha (Léo Baiano), Douglas Baggio (Hélio Borges) and Diego Torres (Ramon Martínez); Luca Tocantins (Ronald) and Bruno Costa (Quirino). Technician: Mazola Jr

GUILD: Brenno; Edilson (Rodrigo Ferreira), Geromel, Bruno Alves and Diogo Barbosa; Lucas Leiva (Elkeson), Villasanti (Lucas Silva) and Thaciano (Thiago Santos); Guilherme (Pedro Lucas), Biel and Diego Souza. Technician: Renato Gaucho

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