Renato Gaúcho apologizes, guarantees access, but with suffering

Renato Gaúcho apologized to Grêmio fans for the team’s performance in the 2-0 defeat to Novorizontino, for the 30th round of Serie B. After the match, Portaluppi guaranteed that his team will move up to Serie A, but said that it will Suffering’.

“Nothing went right today. What we trained and had done against Vasco, didn’t happen. I apologize to our fans”, began the Grêmio coach.

“Grêmio will go up, but, I repeat, we will suffer a little. The most important thing will be in the end, and I’m sure Grêmio will go up. But, I repeat, we will suffer. Tuesday we will have another game, a direct confrontation with Sport and I ask for the presence of our fans at the Arena to encourage us. The suffering has been going on for some time, and we will have it for a few more games. What I can guarantee is that you can rest assured that we will go up”, fired Portaluppi.

In the changing rooms of the Jorge de Biasi stadium, Renato talked to the players and demanded commitment. According to him, those who don’t run enough will leave the team.

“We stopped doing it on the field. It’s not that we didn’t train or ask them [jogadores]. It happened. Let it serve as an example. I talked to them and made things very clear. Let it be a lesson, we are learning. The conversation I had with them is different. When we go back to playing away from home, you can’t have that excess of tranquility today. If not, my only option is to take it off. They are well aware of that.”

With 50 points, Grêmio is third in the second division and is five points ahead of the first outside the access zone. The game against Sport is scheduled for next Tuesday (20), in Porto Alegre.

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