RTP. Liberal Initiative wants to eliminate Audiovisual Contribution that finances public service

The party Liberal Initiative (IL) proposes to eliminate the Contribution to Audiovisual (CAV), which is the main source of funding for the RTP. The force led by Joao Cotrim de Figueiredo argues that the measure would reduce the electricity bill, with annual savings for families of around 35 euros.

The bill, which has already been proposed, is defended by deputy Bernardo Blanco as “urgent in the context of rising energy prices“. “Minister Duarte Cordeiro said that every euro saved is a euro saved. Following this logic, we now propose to eliminate the contribution to the audiovisual that finances RTP, which is about three euros per month in people’s bills.“, said the parliamentarian, quoted by the Cash Money.

Blanco also defends that the Contribution to the Audiovisual also represents “a market distortion in the sense that taking into account the various operators that already exist today, RTP is the only one that receives a subsidy from the taxpayers“. Assuming that they do not expect the PS to make the proposal viable, the liberals nevertheless point out that “the Government could follow this measure, in the image of France, even if it was temporarily“.

According to data published by European Broadcasting Unionin 2019, the value that the RTP received through this fee was 20% lower than the European average and Portugal was in 15th place in terms of public media operator revenues. In the fifteen countries financed through fees, each household paid an average annual amount of €135 per year. In our country, the value does not go beyond 36 euros.

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Bernardo Blancoinvited in September 2021 from the podcast Confrontationof Fact-spreadersdefended the urgent need to privatize the public radio and television group, which owns four open television channels, RTP1, RTP2, RTP3 and RTP Memoryas well as thematic and regional channels RTP Azores, RTP Africa, RTP Madeira and RTP Internationalin addition to several radio channels and the content platform RTP Play.

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