Russian-Chinese large CR929 aircraft moves into initial design phase

The implementation of a joint Russian-Chinese project to create a CR929 long-haul widebody aircraft has entered the so-called initial design phase. This was reported by Pengpai news with reference to China Commercial Aviation Corporation (COMAC) Chief Scientist Wu Guanghui, who spoke on Thursday at the World Urban Design Conference (WDCC) in Shanghai.

“Currently, the general technical plan for the aircraft has already been approved, the suppliers for the fuselage and the tail sections have been identified. We have officially moved into the initial design phase”, said. Wu Guanghui specified that the share of composite materials in the aircraft’s fuselage will be 51%, which will make it more economical than competing models by more than 10%.

The project to create a Russian-Chinese wide-body long-haul aircraft has been implemented since 2014. The aircraft is being developed by a joint venture between United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and China’s COMAC – CRAIC, based in Shanghai.

The Russian side is responsible for the wing panels, center section and wing mechanization, the Chinese side is responsible for the fuselage, fuselage and horizontal and vertical stabilizers.

The basic version of the CR929-600 will be able to carry 280 passengers over a distance of up to 12,000 km. The aircraft family will also consist of an extended (CR929-700) and shortened (CR929-500) fuselage modification.

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