Salary of Pedro Raul “leaks” at Palmeiras with top scorer close to closing with Serie A club for 2023

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The 25-year-old centre-forward is the runner-up in the Brazilian Championship and sees several clubs in Brazil probe his situation for next year.

Editing: photos by Cesar Greco and Heber Gomes/AGIF - Pedro Raul earns less than reserves Breno Lopes and Navarro, from Palmeiras
Editing: photos by Cesar Greco and Heber Gomes/AGIF – Pedro Raul earns less than reserves Breno Lopes and Navarro, from Palmeiras

One of the top scorers of the Brazilian Championship does not belong to any of the clubs considered giants in the country. Pedro Raul, scorer of 14 goals, one behind Germán Cano, defends the Goiás shirt, but is on loan from Kashiwa Reysol, from Japan. To get an idea, the palm trees, isolated leader of the competition, has as its main scorer Rony, who scored nine times.

Pedro, 25 years old, is on loan to Goiás until December and the Japanese stipulate a price of US$ 4 million (more than R$ 21 million at the current price) to negotiate him definitively. His salary in the capital of Goiás is less than R$ 200 thousand, found Bolavip Brazil. To give you an idea, midfielder Danilo is the one who earns the least among Abel Ferreira’s holders.

According to colleague Jorge Nicola, shirt 28 receives exactly R$ 200 thousand monthly. Of the attackers of the alviverde squad, Dudu receives almost R$ 2 million, while Rony pockets R$ 700 thousand a month. Wesley, another who came from the base, receives R$ 200 thousand monthly, slightly less than Breno Lopes. The author of the Libertadores title goal takes around R$ 220 thousand.

Finally, Rafael Navarro, heavily criticized by the Palmeiras fans in 2022, receives R$300,000 a month and embitters the reservation of Miguel Merentiel and Juan Manuel López, the Club’s last reinforcements in the mid-year window. Both gringos also receive more than Pedro Raul takes in Serra Dourada.

With a future still uncertain, one thing is certain: Pedro Raul can stay in Brazil in 2023. In an interview with Gaúcha radio, the striker himself admitted: “Yes, I have already received (a proposal from a Brazilian club). A conversation a little more forward. Nothing official, on paper, but a conversation with club officials (…) I’m going to look for a club that I can fight for titles and see what happens”.

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