The Big Problem Zoë Kravitz Had With Her Catwoman Attire


Fans loved Zoë Kravitz in her reduced Catwoman costume, but the actor’s feelings towards the costume were more complicated. Apparently, she found it “undignified”, as she joked with The Guardian. “I was like a two-year-old. If I needed the bathroom, someone had to escort me in and out,” she said. While it’s hard to imagine Catwoman needing help with anything (let alone something as mundane as using the bathroom), another DC alumnus suggested that Catwoman’s costume could present some logistical challenges.

Michelle Pfeiffer, who played Catwoman in the 1992 film “Batman Returns,” shared some words of wisdom for Kravitz during a 2019 appearance on “Good morning America.” “Make sure when designing the costume they consider how you go to the bathroom,” Pfeiffer said. “Minor detail, but important.” According to Metro, the actor spent long hours on set in a suit with “only one bathroom break during the six months of filming.” Is it any wonder she wasn’t exactly a fan of latex clothing? “It was the most uncomfortable suit I’ve ever worn,” Pfeiffer added (via CinemaBlend). “They had to powder me, help me in, and then vacuum-pack the suit… The mask was crushing my face and choking me… We had a lot of bugs to deal with.”

Another “Catwoman” who struggled in her “Catwoman” attire? “The Dark Knight Rises” star Anne Hathaway, who told Allure (via HuffPost) that the outfit was “a psychological terrorist.”


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