‘The Yakuza became my family’: the artist who lived in the underworld of the Japanese mafia to portray their women

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female member of the yakuza

Credit, Chloe Jafe

It all started on a drunken night 15 years ago in a Paris bar.

“My friend and I were devastated because we had broken up with our boyfriends. We drank a lot of wine and said ‘let’s go far away to Japan’, but it could have been anywhere else,” says photographer Chloé Jafé, born in Lyon, France in 1984.

Credit, Julie Coustarot

photo caption,

French photographer Chloé Jafé

And she went. A month of travel took her from total indifference to fascination with Japanese culture. And she decided to repeat the experience.

“On my second trip, I thought, ‘Next time, I’ll stay here.’ I felt like I had something to do here, but I didn’t know what,” she recalls.

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