Tyga and Selena Gomez are spotted hanging out at a restaurant

Rumors point out that Tyga and Selena Gomez may be in a relationship.

Tyga has been established in the music industry for over a decade, the rapper has many hits under his belt. In addition to his longevity, he has also been the subject of his love life. The artist already had a son with Blac Chyna and also dated Kylie Jenner. Now, he’s at the center of rumors of yet another high-profile courtship. This time around, it’s being speculated that the musician is dating the pop star, Selena Gomez.

According to TMZ, he and Selena had a date at The Nice Guy restaurant in West Hollywood, the scene of romantic dates. Tyga He left that restaurant with her in the early hours of Wednesday, around 2:30 am. The place closed at 2am but the two were still there as no one else was allowed in. Sources close to the vehicle did not clarify what happened there, but say the rapper and Gomez are not dating.

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Last week, Tyga also released their fourth song of 2022, “Sunshine”. The hit featured guest appearances from Jhené Aiko and the deceased Pop Smoke. This single sampled the classic 2004 single by lil flip“Sunshine”.

Furthermore, in May, Tyga released the song, ‘Sheikh Talk’. It was about four months ago that the artist released his single “Lifetime” and at the time, he also delivered the accompanying music video. While we haven’t heard anything about an album release yet, the rapper released: “Sheikh Talk.” Unlike “Lifetime”, where the artist offers more thoughtful moments, the new sound finds him in a more arrogant way.

Tyga has long paid tribute to the Latino community in his music, but after releasing the music video for “Ay Caramba” earlier this month, the rapper issued a formal apology. In the video, the artist is accused of using stereotypes that have long plagued the Latino community, and during his visit to Power 106 radio in Los Angeles, he took a moment to apologize for the concept of the look.

Tyga said that when he first saw that people were offended by the music video, he was “confused” and didn’t respond right away. The rapper clarified that his music videos should never make fun of Mexican or Latino cultures, and American Cholo told him that she never thought the rapper was doing anything on purpose.

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