Vasco’s players’ notes against Náutico

Thiago Rodrigues [GOL]: made a good start, despite some moments of insecurity. There were four saves in the game. Note 6.5.

Leo Matos [LAD]: made regular departure and did not compromise. He had good use in the passes and didn’t have much trouble with the Náutico attack. Note 6.5.

Danilo Boza [ZAG]: was chosen by Jorginho to take the place of Quintero, who was not playing well. The player was safe, made some cuts and did not compromise. He asked to leave in the second half. Note 6.5.

Anderson Conceição [ZAG]: made a safe start alongside Boza and wasn’t triggered much. He helped with some cuts, as Náutico bet on corners. Note 6.5.

Paulo Victor [LAE]: gained a chance as a starter and did well offensively. Along with Eguinaldo, he took Vasco forward on the left side. The double worked, so much so that it gave the attacker a pass to score. But there are still problems behind – Náutico’s goal came from there. Grade 6.0.

Yuri Lara [VOL]: leader of tackles alongside Marlon, with six, Yuri made a good start again. From the first minutes concentrated and catching the attention of his teammates. He disarmed in the fourth goal, when he gave a pass to Figueiredo to score. Grade 7.0.

Andrey Santos [VOL]: with a renewed contract until 2027, Andrey took Vasco ahead from the opening minutes and, like the team, grew in the game after the first goal. He took a risk, made good passes and scored the third goal, in a stroke of luck, with the ball deflecting the opponent. Grade 8.0.

baby [MEC]: moved, called responsibility in some moves and made good passes. He made a perfect cross over Andrey’s head, which almost ended in Raniel’s goal. It would be Vasco’s room. He also played the role of leader well, asking for support from colleagues when the crowd rehearsed boos. Grade 7.0

Marlon Gomes [MEC]: participated well in the game and helped in the defensive recovery, being the leader of tackles of the game, with six, along with Yuri. He left the field with two shots. Grade 7.0.

Eguinaldo [ATA]: the 18-year-old boy set fire to the game, bothered a lot on the left side and scored a great goal, Vasco’s second. Another good game from the striker. Grade 8.0.

raniel [ATA]: opened the scoring with a penalty goal and donated himself on the field, with willingness and participation in Vasco’s dangerous moves in the attack. He also participated in the start of the third goal, scored by Andrey Santos. Grade 8.0.


Quintero [ZAG]: After a fluctuation as a starter, Quintero started on the bench this Friday. He came on in the 21st minute and kept the defense safe. Grade 6.0.

Figueiredo [ATA]: scored Vasco’s fourth goal with a beautiful shot at Jean’s angle. Third goal in Serie B and only goal. The boy got in. Grade 8.0.

Photo: André Durao

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