Walter talks about financial situation: ‘If I stop today, it’s a struggle for me’

Striker Walter, 33, still doesn’t have the financial life resolved, even after passing through great Brazilian football clubs. Today in Goiânia, he gave an interview to “ge” talking about his career and personal life.

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Walter said that career break, bad decisions, lack of management and spending on ex-wives led him to a complicated financial situation.

– If I stop today, it’s a struggle for me, yes, there’s no such thing as two, three, four years, no, you still need to see what I can do – he said.

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Between 2018 and 2020, Walter did not play football, due to a doping punishment. That was the most delicate moment for the attacker.

– You don’t get suspended, you can’t work in football, and it was only spent, and I broke up twice, I only spent, 50% leaving – the ex-Goiás said.

Earlier this year, the striker was five months without playing, by personal decision. He said he was convinced by his 12-year-old daughter to return to the sport, dreaming of one day returning to play in one of the top three divisions of Brazilian football.

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Today, Walter is forced to settle for little, but the striker has lived through great stories in his career. In 2010, he played for Porto, from Portugal, alongside very important figures, but he has a hard time believing that he really lived that moment.

– We have a group on Instagram, Hulk, Falcão García, James, Álvaro Pereira, Fucile, João Moutinho played with me, my coach was André Villas Boas. I played with these guys, I won the Europa League, it doesn’t cross my mind – he said.

Throughout his career, Walter has always been surrounded by controversies around his weight. Although he doesn’t like the mean comments, he likes to set an example for overweight people.

– That’s what hurt me a lot, when they called me “chubby” Walter, fat Walter. But my happiness is to see people who suffer with weight say they are going to play football because Walter is playing – said the striker.

Goiânia is the third club Walter has played for this year, the others being Santa Cruz and Amazonas.

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