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Since last Friday (16), when the original film Good night mom!debuted in the catalog Amazon Prime Video, the title has been among the most talked about topics on social networks.

With a breathtaking storyline, the production manages to capture the viewers of the platform and make them look for more similar works to watch on streaming. In that sense, the About Sagas separated others 7 unmissable thrillers for subscribers. Check out:

Prime Video is full of suspense for those who enjoyed “Goodnight, Mom” (Images: Publicity/Prime Video).

Deep waters

If you are looking for thrillers that were successful in the streaming, the perfect choice for those who enjoyed Good night mom!it can be the long one Deep waters“, starring Ben Affleck (Gone Girl) and Ana de Armas (Between Knives and Secrets). The plot follows a man who, trying to save his marriage, allows your wife interacts with other people. He sees his life come crashing down when the partner lovers begin to disappear and he becomes one of the suspects.

My son

starred by the star James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class; Split), the original film My sonIt also has a breathtaking storyline. The plot follows a traveling father whose life is turned upside down when discovers that the son has disappeared. Feeling guilty about her absence, he embarks on a journey filled with mysteries and twists in an attempt to find your boy and find out what really happened.

Gone Girl

It is impossible to go through the thriller movies available on Prime Video without mentioning the unmissable Gone Girl“, adaptation of the successful book. in the plot, Amy Dunne mysteriously disappears on her wedding anniversary and her husband, Nick, begins to be investigated as the main suspect of the disappearance. Now he must do everything to prove your innocence while looking for his wife.

Secrets of the Past

Another outstanding thriller in the catalog of Prime Video it’s the long one Secrets of the Past, starring Eric Bana (Troy; Hulk). In the plot, a man returns to his hometown for the funeral of his my best childhood friend, who murdered his family before committing suicide. Turns out, some mysterious facts make the protagonist investigate what happened and discover that your friend’s death may be related to a similar event that happened a decade ago.

Unconditional lie

Still among the breathtaking films in the platform’s catalog, another great highlight is the feature Unconditional lie“, starring Joey King (The Kissing Booth). Here, she plays a teenager who confesses to killing her best friend. Now, their parents will do anything to try to cover up the crime as they push their lives towards a tangle of lies. With surprising twists, the long promises to take sighs from those who liked it Good night mom!”.

The Girl on the Train

Another thriller classic that is available to platform subscribers is The Girl on the Train“, starring Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place). The story revolves around the life of Rachel, who has not been able to get over her recent divorce and starts to fantasize about the life of a couple while traveling by train to the city. Everything changes when she witnesses a suspicious event and gets involved in a conflict full of twists and turns and interests.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Finally, another thriller movie to talk about maternity and promises to take the breath away of subscribers to the streaming it’s the long one We Need to Talk About Kevin“, starring Tilda Swinton (The Chronicles of Narnia). The story follows a mother’s daily struggle to love your strange child, but as he grows older, he starts saying things that frighten her and prepares a last act capable of surprising the whole family.

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Which of these thriller movies catches your attention the most in the platform’s catalog? streaming? already watched Good night mom” in the catalog of Prime Video? Share your opinions with us on social networks, and to stay on top of everything that is successful in the service catalogue, stay constantly connected here and on the official pages of About Sagas!

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