All iPhones 14 have dual ambient light sensors

As the iPhones 14 are unraveled, a lot is being discovered about the new devices — including their cameras. Now, another good news regarding them: all models have dual ambient light sensors – which is corroborated by information from the company itself. apple.

The information also came to light in analysis of the TechCrunch, which highlighted the advance over previous models of Apple’s main line of smartphones. Before the iPhone 14, it is worth remembering, the models had a single ambient light sensor above the screen. Now, there’s also one on the back.

The sensors serve to help automatically adjust the brightness of the devices’ display, as well as to determine the exposure on the rear camera system. Practical tests even indicate that the addition of a sensor brought an improvement to the iPhones 14 compared to the previous generation.

That’s what the review showed mashable, which held an iPhone 14 Pro and an iPhone 13 Pro against the bright light and then headed into a darkened room. According to the review, the new device was more responsive when adapting the screen brightness — lowering the traditional one. delay existing in this process.

While the mainstream iPhone 14s didn’t make any noticeable big changes, small incremental improvements like these — and the cameras as a whole — can be enough to make some people switch phones. Of course, on a smaller scale than the line aimed at professionals.

via MacRumors

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