Calleri disenchants, São Paulo beats Ceará and breathes in the Brasileirão

São Paulo beat Ceará 2-0 this afternoon (18), at Arena Castelão, in a game valid for the 27th round of the Brasileirão. The goals were scored by Calleri, who broke a fast of eight games without scoring, and Nahuel Bustos.

With the result, Rogério Ceni’s team reached 34 points and is in 13th place in the national tournament. Ceará, on the other hand, stopped at 31 points and is just three above the relegation zone.

Tricolor returns to the field this Sunday (25), at 8 pm, when they receive Avaí, in Morumbi. Ceará will have ten days to prepare for the next match, scheduled for another Wednesday (28), at 7 pm, against Coritiba, at Couto Pereira.

The best: Calleri

The Argentine broke his fast of eight goalless games and was decisive for the Tricolor. In addition to the goal scored, it also forced the expulsion of Luiz Otávio, which made the match calmer for São Paulo.

It didn’t go well: Nino Paraíba

Nino couldn’t help Ceará’s offensive creation and still suffered to mark Patrick. The tricolor goal came out in a midfielder’s cross through the side sector.

game chronology

The match showed signs that it would be busy with Ceará having the first chance in good movement from Mendoza just 30 seconds into the game. However, it just stuck to the promise. The game cooled down and there were no great chances in the first half of the initial stage.

The panorama changed in the 23rd minute. Alisson crossed from the right, the ball popped in the area and Calleri caught the leftover inside the small area, but João Ricardo made a great save. In the left, Patrick took the left and put it on the head of the Argentine shirt 9, who this time beat the rival goalkeeper to open the score.

In the 34th minute, Pablo Maia launched Calleri in depth, the Argentine came out in front of the goal and was brought down by Luiz Otávio. At first, the penalty was awarded, but VAR showed that the touch took place outside the area. The Ceará defender, who had received a yellow card with the penalty, had the warning annulled and then received the red card. In the free kick, João Ricardo made a great save from Pablo Maia.

With one more in the second stage, São Paulo grew in the match, but stopped at goalkeeper João Ricardo. At 40 minutes, striker Zé Roberto lost his head and was sent off for aggression against defender Diego Costa. In stoppage time there was still time for São Paulo to expand: Marcos Guilherme gave Igor Gomes a good shot, who served Nahuel Bustos in the center of the small area. Alone and without a goalkeeper, he just pushed into the nets.

São Paulo’s performance: touch it!

Tricolor had a scare with 30 seconds into the game, when Mendoza could have opened the scoring, but that was it. After that, Ceará barely threatened Rogério Ceni’s well-placed team. The team had difficulties in creating, but managed to reach their goal in the presence of Calleri’s area. Then, he saw the opponent having to leave for the game and again found Calleri, who forced the expulsion that put the Tricolor in numerical advantage. In the second stage, Tricolor grew in the match and made João Ricardo work hard, but he only managed to increase the score in the extra time.

Cups thrown on the lawn

The match was stopped for seven minutes while VAR analyzed the cancellation of the penalty that ended up resulting in the expulsion of defender Luiz Otávio. The stoppage time irritated players and fans present, who a few minutes later threw cups on the lawn in a new foul marked for São Paulo in the attack field.

‘infinite’ addition

In a clumsy performance by the referee Maguielson Lima Barbosa, the first half ended with 54 minutes, but the referee gave three extras to reach the time. The game was stopped for seven minutes with the VAR check that ruled out a penalty for São Paulo, but Maguielson gave only five additional minutes. Then he signaled two more. When the time was about to run out, the referee again signaled two more minutes. In the second half, Maguielson again scored five minutes of extra time, but added one more later.


Ceara 0 x 2 Sao Paulo

Brazilian Championship – Round 27
: 09/18/2022 (Sunday)
Time: 16:00 (from Brasilia)
Place: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE)
Referee: Maguielson Lima Barbosa (DF)
assistants: Alessandro Alvaro Rocha de Matos (BA) and Leila Naiara Moreira da Cruz (DF)
VAR: Adriano Milczvski
yellow: Luciano, Rodrigo Nestor; Richard Costa, João Ricardo, Jô, Nino Paraíba and Gabriel Lacerda
Red: Luiz Otávio and Ze Roberto
goals: Calleri (24’/Q1) and Nahuel Bustos (47’/Q2)

CEARÁ: João Ricardo; Nino Paraíba (Jhon Vásquez), Luiz Otávio, Messias and Victor Luís (Diego Rigonato); Richard, Richardson (Gabriel Lacerda) and Lima; Vina (Guilherme Castilho), Mendoza and Jô. Coach: Lucho Gonzalez

SAO PAULO: Felipe Alves; Rafinha (Igor Vinicius), Diego Costa, Léo and Welington; Pablo Maia, Rodrigo Nestor (Galoppo), Patrick (Igor Gomes) and Alisson (Marcos Guilherme); Luciano (Nahuel Bustos) and Calleri. Coach: Rogerio Ceni

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