Calleri’s head makes São Paulo take its foot out of the mud – 09/18/2022

The most important change in football was the victory being worth three points and not two, as before. The tie started to have less value, to be less attractive.

If a team draws three in a row, they are undefeated with three points. If another wins one and loses two, he has the same three points and takes advantage of the second criterion, number of wins.

Calleri’s goal was very important for São Paulo to get out of the quicksand caused by so many draws. It was 13 in 26 games, 50%.

Now, the team has reached 34 points, was further away from the Z-4 ​​(six points) and opened a new front of struggle: it can also reach Libertadores through the Brasileiro. It’s three points from the G-8.

Calleri hadn’t scored in eight games. São Paulo had not won for four games. It’s no coincidence. The Argentine reached 42 goals in 102 games, the 21st of the year.

It wasn’t just the goal. He was a warrior all along. He helped the defense, left the area, was instrumental in the victory also facilitated by the fair expulsion of Luis Otávio.

Even so, Ceará was brave, took danger, but everything was impossible with the stupid lack of Zé Roberto in Diego Costa. With nine, you can’t.

And São Paulo did the second, with Bustos scoring for the first time, after a beautiful move by the ugly ducklings, Marcos Guilherme and Igor Gomes.

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