Camilla and Angelina Jolie go to the same salon and one of them does something unprecedented

Camilla Parker Bowles has impressed the public with the news that she has kept her haircut for over 40 years with hairdresser Jo Hansford, see the secret to her beautiful hair.

While most women love to innovate their hair, inventing a new cut every season. Camilla has only one hairdresser who has been working on her hair for over 30 years, called Jo Hansford, who owns the Mayfair salon, located in London, has also been at the same address for over 20 years, being known as one of the best dyers in the world. world.

The same Camilla Parker haircut for over 30 years. (Photo/Reproduction: Metropoles)

She who is also Angelina Jolie’s hairdresser, and has already received great celebrities in her salon. A cut of Jo is valued at about 160 pounds, which is valued at about 830 reais, and to make the dye about 155 pounds, valued at about 802 reais. But, surprise yourself, when Camila goes to the salon, she doesn’t spend less than 315 pounds, something around 1600 reais.

Many onlookers would like to know more about Camilla through Jo, what magic she does to keep the client for years, but she says she has a confidentiality agreement and can’t expose the famous’s life.

Queen consort pays around R$1600 reais for her hair. (Photo/Reproduction: Metropoles)

In the cut, she unravels the hair to increase the volume, leaving the top always longer, and the sides shorter. The fringe is never cut in the middle and ends up becoming more practical so that it adapts to any hair texture and shape.

The secret goes far beyond what they imagine, in addition to the cut made by Jo, the side parting because of the bangs that causes all the charm. After that, she dries it all with her hand and using the towel and finishes with a wide brush, leaving it very light and loose. Finishing with aerosol which is fundamental for the finish. The queen guarantees that this style has everything to give a new breath to the ladies.

Photo/Feature: Camilla Parker has had the same haircut for over 30 years with the same hairdresser. Reproduction: ETC C POP

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