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Courteney Cox, absolute success as Monica in Friendsamused his followers by rehashing an old advertisement he made about a type of tampon in the United States and comparing menstruation with menopause, when menstrual cycles are interrupted. At 58, she has made no secret of her feelings on the matter, in a fun parody. “My commercial needed an update,” she teased her. See, in English:

Compare excerpts from the original and adapted texts:

“Do you like to change once a month because of your period? Do you still use a tampon? This tampon can really change the way you view your period.”

Do you like to change completely because of menopause? Still have hot flashes? Menopause will eat you alive. It’s horrible! Remember: there’s nothing good about menopause. It can really change the way you see getting older.”

The joke caught the attention of other celebrities, who left comments and likes for the actress, including her friend in Friends, Jennifer Aniston – who liked the publication:

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon enjoy a parody about menopause made by Courteney Cox – Photo: Reproduction Instagram

Julianne Moore makes a comment in a parody about the menopause of Courteney Cox – Photo: Reproduction Instagram

Juliette Lewis comments on Courteney Cox’s post — Photo: Reproduction Instagram

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