Guto Ferreira criticizes Botafogo’s refereeing 2 x 0 Coritiba: ‘VAR is only useful for some types of situations and interests’

technician of coritiba, Guto Ferreira recognized merits of Botafogo, who won by 2 to 0, this Saturday, at Estádio Nilton Santos, for the Brazilian Championship, but criticized the referee Paulo Cesar Zanovelli da Silva. For him, the referee was decisive in the game, especially when he called Alef Manga for a foul on Adryelson, in a move that Bruno Gomes would enter the area free of charge, when it was 0-0.

– In a decisive move, once again, the arbitration weighs. If I’m going to analyze plays without so much weight in the game, he reversed several. He gave on one side and not on the other. I don’t know what criterion he adopted. In the first half, my player was touched in the air and collapsed, he told me to follow, he said it was nothing. Then in Júnior Santos’ move, it looks like he got hurt, he whistles foul. Throw the same, like the cat’s bed. Why on the one hand yes and on the other no? What did he go to whistle in that move that we made the table, Bruno came in and scored? If it had been 1-0 for us, at that point in the game, we would have closed the box and not conceded a goal. Botafogo was entering despair. It was at least a draw. If there was no refereeing error, we would have a chance to win – said Guto Ferreira, who continued.

– At the crucial moment of the match we were harmed. The normal thing was to let the bidding go on and then analyze it. He stopped before the goal hit. Because? Dangerous game? What dangerous game did you have? Analyzing the videos, there wasn’t. O VAR it only works for certain types of situations and certain types of interests. We need to improve that there – he protested.

The coach praised the performance of his team.

– We played a good game, very interesting, until the goal. We had the ball on the post, Gabriel’s defenses, but we also had chances, Gatito’s defenses, hits, difficult balls. We came very close to scoring. The second goal we conceded was a consequence of the first. Our team collapsed and did not react – he concluded.

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