he displays a higher IQ than recognized physicists

Being skilled at something is what many desire, but being smart enough to surpass the numbers set by great physicists is truly extraordinary. This is the rare case of the boy with an amazing IQ, Kevin Sweeney. He has been viewed by society with curiosity, so we have separated some information about this milestone in history.

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The high IQ little boy

Regarding the introductory title, we point out that IQ is an acronym that represents the intelligence quotient of a person. Thus, to determine its final value, a series of tests is carried out with the objective of quantitatively measuring the intellectual capacity of a human being.

Who is Kevin Sweeney?

Boy with high IQ.

The child who surpassed great scientists is called Kevin Sweeney and is only 11 years old, but he has already been invited to join Mensa, a recognized high IQ society. To the surprise of many, Kevin achieved an IQ score of 162, thus making him a tiny 1% of the world’s population.

Kevin’s test was conducted in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh. No other children had attended, only adults. Distraught, the prodigy’s father, Eddie, feared that an information overload would be thrown at his son, but Kevin handled the entire testing period very well, as he was always exuding sympathy.

Despite surprising everyone, the boy’s parents were not shocked, after all, they lived together and participated in the entire development of their son, so they knew of his potential. Kevin’s father stated that he memorized the periodic table at the age of 6 and that his learning to read began well before preschool.

How is an IQ test done?

After knowing the boy’s story, curiosity to know more about IQ analyzes naturally arises. To compose a test of this level, you need a set of questions that allow you to assess different areas of the brain. There are some who can assess a thinking skill while others assess several areas.

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