How Natalie Portman was injured while filming Black Swan


Although Natalie Portman danced quite a bit as a child, it wasn’t until she was an adult, during the filming of “Black Swan,” that her dancing skills really started to shine. In fact, as director Darren Aronofsky revealed in an interview with MTV, Portman expressed an interest in playing a ballerina about 10 years before the film’s production. Describing Portman’s inclusion in the film as one of the “best things” about it, Aronofsky said, “It’s kind of weird. It matched really well…she accepted the role and ran with it.” He added that Portman may even have “somehow transformed himself for the role.”

Realizing how Portman prepared for his role, Aronofsky’s words certainly ring true. Not only did Portman lose 20 pounds for the film, but the training was so intense that she suffered multiple injuries while rehearsing. According to NPR, these injuries included calloused feet, missing nails — and even a dislocated rib. “There were a few nights where I thought she was literally going to die,” she told Entertainment Weekly at the time. “It was the first time I understood how you can get so wrapped up in a role that it can bring you down.” However, that didn’t stop her from mastering one of her dream roles.


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