How to remove TikTok watermark to post on social media

Feature can be used for anyone who wants to post TikTok video on Instagram with a more “clean” look

Feature can be used for anyone who wants to post TikTok video on Instagram with a more “clean” look

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All videos posted on TikTok are watermarked: a kind of label identifying the platform and also the creator of the content. Some apps have been created to remove the watermark from these videos.

This feature can be used, for example, for those who want to post the video on Instagram with a more “clean” look or without showing your username on TikTok. It is worth mentioning that the removal must not be done with the intention of plagiarizing content or publishing a video without the authorization of its creator.

See below apps and websites for removing watermark from videos taken on TikTok.


To use this free desktop tool, just open TikTok, select the video, copy the link and paste it on the website. Then just download the file.


Download the app (available for iOS under the name Video Converter, or for Android), select the option “crop video to remove watermark” and choose the video. Then you can crop the piece to a new proportion, removing the piece where the mark appears.

Watermark Manager

Download the app (only available for Android), go to “select video”, then tap “remove logo” and choose video. Then place the rectangular box over the watermark. When the location of the tag changes, repeat the process, adding another box to remove it.


This is yet another option for the desktop. Copy the video URL on TikTok, go to the website and paste the link. So, just download it.


Go to the website and select the options “multimedia”, “video editor”, “online editor” and then “remove watermark online”. Then just select the video and mark the part you want to remove. You will need to repeat the process when the watermark moves.

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