“I taught and he didn’t learn…”


Player presented the fan after identifying a poster with an unusual message in the crowd

Agif/Ettore Chiereguini - Roni from Corinthians is exposed by a teacher
© 1904Agif/Ettore Chiereguini – Roni from Corinthians is exposed by a teacher

This week, Corinthians confirmed its presence in the final of the Copa do Brasil. Timão beat Fluminense last Thursday (15th) by 3-0, at Neo Química Arena. Now, Alvinegro’s opponent in the competition will be Flamengo, with whom the Paulistas will compete for the cup on October 12 and 19. Still without a defined field command, the CBF will draw next Tuesday (20) the order of the clashes.

Before the ball rolled for the decisive games, a scene caught the attention of the Faithful crowd in the standings. In the stands of the Arena, the Corinthians player took a poster written ‘Roni, I was your teacher, give me your shirt’? Rafael taught Physical Education to the Timão player when the athlete was only ten years old. Revealing the good relationship he has with the former student, the boy also reported that Roni did not learn to ‘roll’.

“I bugged a lot, as a joke, and annoyed everyone. He said that they wouldn’t turn, that it was better for them to look for another profession, that’s what they liked to play. Roni is a very good person. He is review. To this day I piss him off, and I bug him when he doesn’t play well, but then he doesn’t answer me, he ignores me. When he does well, he responds. The only thing I taught him that he didn’t learn was how to roll.”comments Professor Rafael.

Despite the mockery, Rafael speaks with great affection about his former student. According to the educator, Roni is reaping the fruits of a life dedicated to sport. The Corinthians player did not forget who taught him when he was still a child and made a point of hugging the pedagogue. Happy after receiving an official shirt from the team at heart, Rafael said that Roni’s race comes from childhood.

“If you put him at 10, and he is nowadays, he’s the same person. Of course, with more maturity, but both professionally, since he was little, he had this race that he has, the will that he has. His focus got him where he got to. Since he was a little boy at the Corinthians base, always starting, always playing, Selection. And the advice was this, follow what you do, your goal. The feeling is one of joy, of knowing that he got where he wanted to be. There is no greater joy”celebrates the Corinthian professor.

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