Injuries and problems threaten Reus Cup again

Striker Marco Reus could once again be missing from the Germany national team in an important tournament. That’s because the 33-year-old left the pitch crying after suffering a strong tackle in Borussia Dortmund’s 1-0 victory over rivals Schalke 04.

It is worth remembering that the experienced player is reliving a drama that follows his entire career. There were several injuries that prevented him from being called up to a World Cup or a European Championship.

In 2014, the player suffered a torn ligament in his left ankle after a sprain during the friendly against Armenia and had to be cut, giving way to defender Shkodran Mustafi. That year, the Germans were world champions on Brazilian soil.

Already in 2016 he was left out of the Euro Cup because the Germany coach at the time, Joachim Löw, understood that it would be better to leave him out of the final list because of the injury full of injuries and because of the pain that the player was feeling in the foot.

In 2021, he decided together with the coaching staff of his country that the best option was not to play in the Euro Cup, as he felt exhausted because of the tiring season he had in European football.

This year’s World Cup will take place between the 20th of November and the 18th of December, so any injury or physical problem in the coming weeks could take a player off the final list.

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