Maximum Temperature: Globo shows the movie ‘O Caçador e A Rainha Do Ice’ this Sunday (18/09/2022)

The Huntsman and the Ice Queen is the attraction of Cine Record Especial (Reproduction)

The Huntsman and the Ice Queen is the attraction of Cine Record Especial (Reproduction)

THE Maximum temperature this Sunday, September 18, shows the film The Huntsman and the Ice Queen. Globo’s traditional Sunday afternoon film session promises a lot of emotion in the film that was a box office success in theaters in 2016.

The Maximum Temperature movie, which starts at 12:30 pm, was directed by filmmaker Cedric Nicolas-Troyan and features Charlize Theron, Nick Frost, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain, Ronalth Abreu, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Claflin, Rob Brydon and Fred Tatasciore in the cast. .

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Synopsis and trailer for The Huntsman and the Ice Queen

Freya is the good sister of the all-powerful Queen Ravenna. After going through trauma, however, she awakens to her magical powers and isolates herself. Away from her sister, she builds her own kingdom – she becomes the Ice Queen -, where she recruits children to compose her army, under two orders: swear obedience to her and that young people abdicate any form of love.

Two of the most talented little combatants, Erik and Sara, grow up and fall in love. When Freya realizes that she has been “betrayed”, however, she separates the two. At the same time, the powerful magic mirror is reported missing. And it will be necessary to prevent the object from falling into the hands of the new queen.

Watch the trailer for The Huntsman and the Ice Queen, Maximum Temperature attraction:

More movies on Globe

Besides the Maximum temperatureGlobo also shows this Sunday the movie theater, classic film session at Globo. This Sunday, the carioca broadcaster shows the film Explosive Direction2018 German film.

Synopsis: Ready to take the kids to school, Karl receives an anonymous call announcing that he has a bomb under his car seat and now he has just a few hours to raise a large sum of money. If it fails, the bomb will explode.

the session movie theater airs at 2:10 am, after Rock in Rio 2022: Best Moments, according to Globo’s official schedule.

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