New live-action ‘Snow White’ features Gal Gadot in the cast

posted on 9/16/2022 4:08 PM / updated on 9/16/2022 4:28 PM

(credit: ANGELA WEISS)

Disney has just announced the premiere date of the new live-action produced by the studio. The title of the time is the new version of the classic Snow White, which features Gal Gadot in the role of the Evil Queen. The princess who is taken in by seven dwarfs will be played by Rachel Zegler. According to information from Variet, the film hits theaters on March 22, 2024.

One of the challenges of the new version of Snow White is the characterization of the characters. Gal Gadot commented that she spent four hours preparing to play the villain of the plot, who in the new version will present herself as a lady. “The transition to old was amazing because they were all real prosthetics. Four hours of makeup and voice changing. I feel so lucky to be able to

to play something that is so far from what I know and am used to. I enjoyed every second,” the actress told the magazine.

The Israeli artist is so excited to play the character in the live-action, she shared a photo with Rachel Zegler and the Snow White promotional banner on her social media.

Rachel Zegler brought some information for the most curious. The story will not be told the way the classic cartoon showed in the 1937 original. “It will not be as shown at the time. She will not be saved by the prince and she will not dream of true love, she will dream of becoming the leader she knows she can. be, that her late father said she could be if she were fearless, fair and true. It’s an amazing story for young people everywhere to be inspired by,” she said.

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