New WhatsApp function promises to end unanswered conversations

Do you get angry when you text someone on Whatsapp and the person ignores you even for days? Then this new feature of the messaging app will make you more satisfied. The news will put an end to unanswered conversations. Want to know how this is possible? Check out this content.

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Recently, some users of the messaging tool tested the novelty that should be released in full soon. In short, application is creating an alert box that will be highlighted at the top of the conversation list. That way, the person will only ignore you if they really want to, as there will be a highlight.

unanswered conversations

This will be the opportunity to find out if the person intentionally “freezes” you or if they really have so many pending conversations that yours got lost in the relationship. With the resource in question and the alert box, the user will be able to click and check the complete list of unanswered conversations.

And there’s more: the box will only be undone after the person reads and responds to all messages. Users can enable or disable this function. O resource is still in testing, but those who use the beta version of the tool have been enjoying the novelty for some time. Are they approving?

Another feature that should also please a lot of people who get nervous for accumulating unanswered conversations. What’s coming? The possibility of deleting messages within two days of sending. In other words, if the person messes with you and leaves you unanswered, you might also regret sending and deleting messages, texts, and videos.

That way, the person on the other end will have two options: open the chat right away to find out what’s there, or risk never seeing what was sent. Curiosity will really kill the cat from now on.

more and more the Whatsapp seeks to meet user requests and reinforce existing resources. Will it be what else comes around in the messaging app? Just wait for the next news of the app!

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