NUBANK releases R$200 this way via app

Recently, a new service was launched by Nubank to your customers. The function, called contacts, allows the payment by approximation with the card.

The limit value released by fintech for passwordless payments is BRL 200. The card limit can be readjusted by the customer, through the application itself. However, it is important to note that there is no option to correct the limit by approximation. Therefore, the customer is the one who must decide between obtaining the new limit released in the functionality or deactivating the function.

The contactles function allows payments to be made by approximation only, without the need to insert the card and enter the password. The service is valid for credit and debit modes. Activation of the feature is automatic and happens after the first purchase with the card, when it is inserted into the machine.

According to the digital bank, purchases made by approximation are encrypted, with the purpose of guaranteeing total security of the transaction, since the use of a password becomes mandatory for payment over R$ 200.

However, not all customers want to continue with the feature. Therefore, if you want to deactivate the payment method by approximation, just follow the steps:

  1. Access the Nubank application and click on the arrow below your name;
  2. Choose the option “Configure card”;
  3. Turn off “Approach purchases”

Nubank card limit

Regarding the card limit of the Nubankthe bank’s algorithm that performs the credit analysis is constantly updated with new information.

“We are always looking for more market data to help us make better decisions for the profile of each client – ​​and we frequently do new analyzes on our base to give proactive limit increases, for example”, says Nubank.

When the citizen is approved for the card Nubank, a projection of that person’s expenses is carried out, with risk analysis, usage profile and also uses external data, such as score (the score used by Serasa, which indicates the probability of people delaying or not paying a bill ), for example, to define an initial threshold and credit insurance.

“This process is done by an algorithm – an automated system that analyzes all this data and sets an initial threshold.”

How to cancel a purchase on the Nubank card?

If you are a customer of Nubank and does not recognize a purchase made on your credit card, please be aware that it is possible to cancel it. Generally, the first action to be taken by customers is to contact the establishment where the purchase was made.

However, in many cases, contacting the establishment does not solve the problem, given that credit operators do not have the autonomy to cancel a purchase without considering both sides of the transaction. Thus, if the establishment is incommunicado or has not provided any type of assistance, it is necessary to go in search of other alternatives.

In this situation, it is possible to ask for the help of the Nubank to dispute the purchase through the Chargeback process. See how below.

How to request a refund of the purchase on Nubank

  1. Access the app Nubank;
  2. Tap on the “Credit Card” tab;
  3. Click on the option to view the invoice and then on the purchase you want to cancel;
  4. Once this is done, tap on “Report a problem”;
  5. Now, specify the reason for the cancellation;
  6. Nubank will redirect you to contact the establishment;
  7. If not answered, tap on “Continue Anyway”;
  8. Finally, send proof of payment to open the purchase dispute request.

Which purchases can be disputed?

The contestation of the purchase can be made in the following situations:

  • if you have purchased a product and received another;
  • if the goods were defective and were not exchanged;
  • if you do not recognize the purchase on the invoice; or
  • if you regret that you made the purchase within the time allowed and did not receive assistance from the store.

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