São Paulo takes Ceará in a duel that is worth peace before the decision

São Paulo faces Ceará today (18), at 4 pm, at Castelão, for the 27th round of the Brasileirão, in a direct confrontation against the Ceará team. Both have the same number of points, 31, victories, draws and defeats in the championship, but Tricolor gets the better of Vozão in goal difference and occupies the 13th place.

In the event of a setback away from home, São Paulo will not only be overtaken by Ceará but will also be able to finish the round in 17th position, the first outside the relegation zone. For that, it is enough for Coritiba and Fortaleza to win their games.

And worse: it will transform the game against Avaí, next Sunday, the last one before the final of the Copa Sudamericana, in another decision. Fighting against sticking, the team from Santa Catarina is currently in 18th place.

Tricolor travels to Ceará, therefore, not only to stay away from the Z-4 ​​in the Brasileirão, but in search of peace in the preparation for the final against Independiente Del Valle, on October 1st, in Córdoba, Argentina. An eventual victory at Castelão would take the weight off the next game at Morumbi.

Despite the importance of the continental title, which would be the first for the Tricolor outside the state of São Paulo in a decade, coach Rogério Ceni is aware of the worrying situation of the team in the Brasileirão – where it has not won in four games, with two defeats and two draws. , and was never downgraded. No more fat to burn.

“We need to use everything we have to not take a risk in the Brazilian. Of course, a title is very important, but taking a risk in the Brazilian is something we can’t let happen”, said Ceni at the last press conference, when asked about the games against Ceará and Avai.

“We can’t let go of the Brazilian. It’s come to a point that you can’t leave it for later in the Brazilian. So we’re going to try to play with as much strength as possible these two games, both against Ceará and against Avaí”, he said.

Regarding the team that faces Ceará today, the São Paulo coach should spare some players who played against Flamengo for physical reasons, but the idea is to select the best available.

“We’re going to have to make a very competitive team. It’s hard to play there [no Castelão] and now we face teams that rest all week. That makes a difference,” Ceni said.

Ceará vs Sao Paulo

Championship: 27th round of the Brasileirão
Sunday (18)
Place: Castelão
Hour: 16:00 (Brasilia time)
Referee: Maguielson Lima Barbosa
Assistant 1: Alessandro Alvaro Rocha de Matos (FIFA)
Assistant 2: Leila Naiara Moreira da Cruz (FIFA)
VAR: Adriano Milczski

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