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With climate change, we increasingly mention the risk of mass extinction for humanity and other animals, but what is little said is that these events have already happened several times, so there are thousands of species that went extinct decades ago and centuries. Check out some of the more exotic and different ones in this article.

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Some of the most unique animals that ever lived

Many of the animals that went extinct are very different from the vast majority of those seen on Earth today. We are talking about larger, smaller or exotic versions of some of the species that survived the extinctions. So, some of them may even seem fanciful, but they really existed!

The seven foot beaver

To this day beavers are among us, building dams and being one of the most interesting rodents of all; however, about 10,000 years ago, there was a different kind of beaver. Yes, one that had exactly seven legs. This discovery was made possible through bones found in the state of Ohio, in the United States.


This giant bird is a relative of the ostriches we know and see around. However, the moas were much larger than their descendants, so they reached 2 meters in height! They were found until a past considered “recent”, as they were seen until 1800. After that, they probably became extinct.

Steller’s Sea Cow

You’re probably already familiar with the manatee, but you’ve certainly never heard of a sea cow. These “small” animals weighed about ten tons and could measure up to 9 meters in length. Furthermore, the name “Steller” refers to its discoverer, the adventurer George Steller who found the bones in Alaska in 1741.

Glyptodon, a car-sized armadillo

Finally, we have this animal that, we even located a version of it today, but of a very reduced size. That’s because 10,000 years ago, planet Earth housed a 2-ton armadillo that was the size of a small car. These exotic animals inhabited the lands of South America and had great abilities to see in the dark.

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